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#earlybirdretirement goal, Retire at 47 in 2020!

Many years ago, my dream was to retire at 40. I remember thinking, 'why not?'. The whole paradigm of retirement at 59 or older seemed so arbitrary. At 31, I had just finished taking 6-months off from my corporate job to travel around the world and it gave me comfort to have that goal. To know I wouldn't have to 'punch the time clock' for thirty more years. But life happens, boyfriends, house re-models, overseas job assignments, cars, clothes, and travel. I lost sight of that dream. Now I am 45, recently married, with a 2.5 year old, a large mortgage, a nearly new car, and am the primary breadwinner in the family. Seems a bit un-likely to retire early... right? BUT, I also have two duplex properties, a decent 401k, and a renewed focus on my goal. I've been diving deep into this concept of financial freedom. This blog will track my progress towards the goal.

In hindsight, I think I easily could have achieved my dream if knew what I know now. Avoid lifestyle inflation, save like crazy, reduce a consumerist mindset, and most importantly, believe it was possible. I think my life goal became way more focused on the typical prince charming dream, that many of us women are socialized to believe in. Work hard, find the perfect man, get married, have kids, and become a stay-at-home mom. I seriously did not give up on that stupid dream until my very late 30's. After searching for Mr. Right for nearly 20 years, I realized I was already right just as I am. I was smart, adventurous, and determined to have a child on my own if it came to that. Of course, as the story goes, I then met Mr. Right at my brother's wedding at 38 years of age. I think it was the realization that I could achieve my ultimate goal of having a child on my own, that helped me have this breakthrough in being open to a different concept of what my mr. right would look like. He turned out to be 10 years younger, an aspiring musician, and bartender. My brother laughed at him when he told him he was interested in me, "she'll never date you, you're not her type". My brother was in our wedding last June when we married, our 1.5 year old the flower girl. Anyway, I think now that I FINALLY got this Mr. right and child thing figured out; it's now my time to remember my other dreams.

Retire in less than 3 years, at 47 years of age, in 2020! #earlybirdretirement 3/47/2020. I'll have to have some SERIOUS breakthroughs in the way I manage my money and investments and probably some struggle and perseverance. The path doesn't feel completely clear, but the goal does! Follow me here to watch me succeed (I hope :-)).