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Is the day already here?

In the few weeks that I've been trying to figure out a more assertive plan to retire by 2020 and build this business, I received an un-solicited call from an agent to buy a duplex from me that I've owned since mid 2011. It's been a good property for the most part, I've learned so much about the 'joys' of land-lording. Anyway, after speaking with my agent and pondering the pros and cons....and realizing how much more passionate I am putting together this body of work...I think I might do it. It feels scary as hell, because I'm pretty sure if I play my cards just right, this might lead to me quitting my job much sooner than I thought possible. Things might be a little tighter than I imagined, but the idea of being able to have some fairly significant cash flow from new investment properties, combined with other passive income; it feels..... possible??

I have such a conservative financial soul though....already the thoughts of, well, add this much more to your 401k first, payoff this first, how will healthcare work, and oh yeah, my husband is in the middle of a career change too...yada, yada. Is it really the right decision to sell right now....Ugh.

All I know is that while I really appreciate the growth and opportunity my current career and fortune 500 employer has given me, I just feel so Fu*%ing done.

I'm at a 62% equity position. I bought the home with a 20% down payment. I re-financed once, and somewhat idiotically took cash out, but it allowed me to stay home with my newborn so no regrets! The equity would enable me to potentially payoff one property AND purchase another, OR buy two new properties? I need to explore tax implications. #whatwouldyoudo ?